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Rumored PSP Go box bares striking resemblance to rumored slim PS3 art

Side-by-side comparison shots of rumored box art for the (just leaked) PSP Go and a rumored slimline PS3 are turning online heads today, as both feature a nearly identical design. The comparison -- slapped together by PlayStation LifeStyle -- feature similar system positions, memory capacity icon locations and the same XMB wave design backdrop (albeit in different colors).

Of course, both images may be fake. However, the fact that multiple outlets were slapped with cease and desist orders following the release of the rumored PS3 slim images and that the PSP Go art features the actual system design (not a mock-up) when it appeared online alongside today's Qore leak, makes the validity of the PS3 slim rumor an interesting topic of conversation leading into the industry's big show.

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