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Thumbprint required to trade in games in Florida


Most of us are probably used to giving away a large amount of personal information to trade in video games. Many stores ask for all kinds of info. Phone numbers, zip codes, possibly even your home address will be locked away in some GameStop data vault. But what about your thumbprint?

According to Florida's Broward / Palm Beach News, local game retailers are now required to collect the thumbprint of anyone selling their used games. The practice has been enforced by the Broward County Sheriff's Office since October of last year, thanks to a new law enacted by the Florida legislature. The law essentially elevated used games to the same status as items sold to pawn shops, meaning that anyone that trades in a used game will have to provide a thumbprint "along with a bunch of other personal info."

Our hearts go out to all the game traders whose controllers are now blackened by the ink of oppression.

[Via GamePolitics]

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