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Ubisoft leaks 10 second clips from Assassin's Creed 2, Splinter Cell Conviction [update: they're pulled]

Ubisoft seems to have developed two new areas of expertise over the past few months -- accidentally leaking videos to the gaming press, and developing 10 to 15 second teasers for their highly anticipated titles. Today, we get an excellent example of both of these new habits in action -- the massive French publisher recently leaked two 10 second clips from Assassin's Creed II and Splinter Cell Conviction onto their FTP site. Watchful fans grabbed the vids and threw them on YouTube. We've got 'em posted after the jump.

Our observations are as brief as the clips themselves. First, Assassin's Creed II protagonist Ezio is made entirely out of springs, as evidenced by his survival following a spectacular dive. Second, Sam Fisher no longer looks like an emo hobo. Maybe -- just maybe -- he's an emo hobo in disguise, walking amongst the world's non-transients, hiding his penchant for My Chemical Romance and malt liquor behind his clean shaven face. We're on to you, Fisher.

Update: It appears as though a "copyright claim by Ubisoft" has rendered the videos after the break moot. Sorry, folks, looks like we'll all be waiting 'til E3 this week for more on these titles.

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