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James Cameron drops Avatar game details, everything ever about the movie

During Ubisoft's Pre-E3 press briefing, director James Cameron took to the stage to explain the process of developing Avatar the game ... and the film. In fact, Cameron explained so much of the film that we no longer feel obligated to see it when it hits theaters.

As for the game, Cameron notes Avatar has been in development for two years and will attempt to break free of the "bad movie game" stigma. In Avatar, players will enter the world of Pandora -- a moon around a gas planet. According to Cameron's lengthy presentation, the team at Ubisoft is committed to making Avatar the first major stereoscopic 3-D title. In the game, players may choose to adopt a Navi perspective during certain events of the game. Although details were slim (unlike Cameron's screen time), Ubisoft promises new details for the game will land sometime tomorrow.

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