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e-Volve Gadget Holster 2.0 is now the ultimate man purse

Darren Murph

It's things like Project Natal and Sony's PSPgo that really get our juices flowing, but it's items such as e-Volve's Gadget Holster 2.0 that just make us giddy for no reason whatsoever. After the original Man Purse™ launched to much fanfare late last year, the folks at e-Holster have redesigned said device in order to better fit new smartphones and provide dainty men with more padding to soften the load. We can't even list here all the things you can hold in this thing (a spoon, Smith & Wesson 686, Bowie knife and an exquisite set of earbuds, for starters) but if you're willing to toss pride to the wind, this baby's all yours for $29.95.

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