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Joystiq and Bungie call truce, peace declared (for now)

Dustin Burg

That picture pretty much says it all: the whole Joystiq vs. Bungie quarrel has been squashed and the competitive tiff has been settled. Let it be known that both the streets of New Mombasa and around the Joystiq Towers metro are, once again, safe to stroll without fear of being caught in the crossfire.

It all started back in April, when Joystiq challenged Bungie to a few friendly rounds of Halo 3 multiplayer, played on the then just released Mythic maps. As part of the agreed upon rules, team Joystiq chose nine community members to go against Bungie and their army-o-developers. Recon armor was the prize for Joystiq's victory and, if Bungie came out victorious, bloggers from team 'stiq would wear Bungie apparel at E3 2009. Long story short, Bungie (in a moment of desperation) turned to shenanigans, lies were spread, fury was expressed and plenty of "yo momma" jokes were spewed. In the end, Joystiq admitted defeat to one of the three "legit" games and, being the stand up journalists we are, agreed to wear Bungie tees at E3 for one day. As originally promised.

Fast forward to E3 2009 and you'll find team 'stiq and Bungie having a Dr. Phil-like sit down discussion about our differences and (surprisingly) without the need of an impartial moderator. We actually found it in our heart to forgive Bungie for their oh too rude shenanigans and the entire Halo crew awkwardly begged for forgiveness. So, we came to the conclusion that team Joystiq WOULD NOT have to wear any Bungie tshirts at E3 (bedazzled or otherwise) as a sign that the Joystiq vs. Bungie quarrel is officially over ... for now.

In the future, we aren't ruling out challenging Bungie to another battle of Halo supremacy (ODST, perhaps?), but if so, we'll be sure to outline specific competition rules. That's it, our tiff is no more. Oh, and as a sign of good faith shown to Joystiq and our community, the Bungie guys agreed to give Halo 3 Recon armor to all 'stiq readers*. Just message them once every 7 seconds until they respond to your request**.

* Actually, Bungie never agreed to award Recon to anyone. Heck, team Joystiq is still awaiting theirs.
** Sending Bungie messages once every 7 seconds making Recon requests will surely annoy them, get you banned from life and make it so "you'll never got a job in this city again".

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