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Emotiva sets the UMC-1 processor for next month, more goodies to come

Steven Kim

The long (really long for some) wait for Emotiva's UMC-1 AV processor looks like it will be coming to a close soon. A lucky few will get in on a small pilot run of UMC-1s later this month, and mass shipments starting in July will start whittling down the preorder list. It sounds like the UMC-1 has been put through the wringer, with the latest bug fixes centered on some pesky HDMI handshake issues (and you wonder why some folks are iffy on HDMI 1.4). Also getting mention was the company's new $399 USP-1 stereo preamp with a HT bypass, also due in July. If you're a fan of being on wait-lists, though, how about the XSP preamp with balanced connections due for sometime before the year is out, or the Class H, 7x400Watt XPR-7 amplifier that's penned in for the top of Emotiva's amplifier lineup whenever it's ready? Well done, Emotiva -- give us something and keep us wanting more in one announcement!

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