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Sprint intros 500MB business data plan for $39.99

Chris Ziegler

If you find the idea of 5 gigabytes of wireless data positively disgusting and excessive, perhaps this is a little more to your liking: Sprint has now introduced its ridiculously-named "$39.99 Connection Plan for Corporate Liable accounts," which is targeted specifically at companies whose mobile data needs are "moderate." Right now it's only available to corporate clients, but the carrier plans to expand it to other channels this summer; as Sprint says, the offer brings 2 to 10 times the data that Verizon and AT&T offer at similar price points, but considering that we'd burn through 500MB on a data card (or even better, a MiFi) in about half a day, we think this one's better left to the truly infrequent users -- even at the fairly reasonable 5 cents per megabyte of overage.

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