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Apple Design Award winners announced


It's a point of pride for the developers and a highlight of WWDC week -- tonight, courtesy of Jim Dalrymple at The Loop, we congratulate the winners of the Apple Design Awards for 2009. The list includes several TUAW favorites (Things, BoinxTV, Tweetie, Billings and along with some fantastic efforts from students.

The full winner list thanks to The Loop and Apple's ADA listings:

iPhone Developer Showcase
Tweetie from atebits
Topple from ng:moco At Bat from
Postage from Rogue Sheep

Mac OS Leopard Developer Showcase
Billings from Marketcircle
Things from Cultured Code
BoinxTV from Boinx

Best Mac OS X Student Product
Fontcase by Pieter Omvlee

Best iPhone Student App
Wooden Labyrinth 3D by Elias Pietil
Best iPhone OS 3.0 Beta App
Accuterra by Intermap Technologies

Congratulations to all the winners!

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