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Grandia Online coming this summer

Jon Shute

BigWorld have formally announced the latest game build on their BigWorld Technology Suite, Grandia Online.

Grandia Online is the latest in the Grandia series of games that started with the Grandia RPG on the Sega Saturn and has continued with two sequels and several spin off games on a range of consoles and the PC. Grandia Online is set before the story in the first game, but in the same game world. This release comes after a long development during which it wasn't always clear that the game would actually be released. The game was first announced in 2004 with beta testing announced for September 2006 with development by GameArts, but development transferred to GungHo Online Entertainment in early 2007. Development has since reverted back to GameArts, with GungHo Online Entertainment remaining as publisher.

The title is expected to enter open beta this month, with a full release for the later in the summer on PC.

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