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Atomic Games' Peter Tamte says Six Days in Fallujah 'about two-thirds' complete


We know, we know: For us to approach video game coverage on Fox News and expect anything more than "fair and balanced" reporting (with a heavy dose of bias and spin) is, to say the least, simply asking too much. Things get much worse when a game with as controversial a setting/plot as Six Days in Fallujah falls into the mix. Atomic Games prez Peter Tamte appeared alongside the game's consultant, Capt. Read Omohundro (a gentleman who fought in the actual battle of Fallujah), and Tracey Miller, a woman who lost her son to the fight, on the channel's "Fox & Friends" program (found after the break) recently, to talk about the game and the controversy surrounding it.

Tamte reveals to the show's host that "about two-thirds of the game is complete at this point ... we only have about a third left to go." Atomic Games' challenge now, he says, is to find a new publisher for the game after Konami pulled out of the project in late April. The show ends with a totally fair and balanced comment from the show's host, who says, "Obviously you knew that you might get some blowback on it, 'cause, uh, some people lost their chidren in that battle," before cutting off any more comments and excusing all the show's guests.

Anyone want to place bets on this game never being released? We've got $20 on "Never. Ever ever ever."

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