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New Super Mario Bros. Wii, future titles will play themselves


Are games too hard for you, Johnny? Don't worry -- Shiggy's got your back. Starting with upcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii, future Nintendo Wii titles will be shipping with the ability to, well, play themselves. In an interview with USA Today, the man who birthed Mario confirmed the existence of "demo play" for the next Mario game and "future games, too" -- essentially an option to allow the game to play itself when the player encounters an area too difficult for them to handle.

Savvy Joystiq loyalists will remember the patent filed by Nintendo earlier this year, roughly outlining the feature. The idea behind this, Miyamoto explains, is to reduce the barrier to entry for younger players and casual alike. Last we checked, the whole point of games was the challenge but, ya know, who needs that? "Demo play" remains the tentative title for now, but we expect some Wii-ification by New Super Mario Bros. Wii's release later this year.

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