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GDAA notes benefits of Aussie development


Games Developers Association Australia President Tom Crago feels that the country's development community is holding strong against the current economic storm. Speaking with The Sydney Morning Herald, Crago believes the current exchange rate and the focus on "family-type titles" by local developers is a benefit, noting that 50% of titles developed in the region are sold on Nintendo consoles.

Crago did acknowledge that it's not all sunshine in Australia, saying "You only have to look as far as the closure of Pandemic up in Brisbane to see that impact" of the current economic crisis. Of course, EA's Pandemic Brisbane was closed earlier this year after reportedly failing to deliver the long-rumored video game tie-in to The Dark Knight. However, Crago believes that Australia is in a "pretty reasonable position" – but that's his job to say that, isn't it? We'll play along if promises that Sydney-based Team Bondi's LA Noire is coming out soon. Promise us, Mr. Crago!

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