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MCM London Expo expands for October 2009 show

Jem Alexander

London's becoming quite the hip gaming scene over the last couple of years. Between the Eurogamer expo, Live, HMV's GameOn, the London Games Festival and the MCM Expo, there's always somewhere to go and play unreleased games. The latter of which has announced that it will be expanding its floor space for its second show of the year, in October.

The organizers of the show are hoping to attract over 40,000 attendees to the event -- that's similar to the size of E3 -- with content ranging from anime, manga, comics, celebrities, sci fi paraphernalia and, perhaps most importantly, games. The extra 2,000 square meters will mean more space for the various publishers who will be showing off their wares, like Capcom, Koei and Ubisoft. Don't worry if you miss it though, there are plenty of other shows coming up which will no doubt be just as good.

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