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'New THQ' avoiding unacceptable waste, believes it 'can only succeed with great games'


This "new THQ" that Senior VP of Creative Development Danny Bilson recently discussed in an interview with IndustryGamers is totally freaking us out. Although we've yet to really see the great turnaround at the beleaguered publisher -- which took a $431 million loss last year -- Bilson is talking a good game. He's using words like "quality" and saying the publisher will stop a title in the early research and development phase if it's not looking good.

THQ has been discussing a focus on the core and upping its quality levels for a while now. The company is also altering its image from being the king of licensed titles, to focusing on original IP (Darksiders) with "transmedia" opportunities. A fancy term, that at its core, means using original IP and selling it in various media streams like movies, comics and whatever else.

Although the interview doesn't reveal anything new, it is interesting to see THQ actually learning from its lower quality titles and heavily licensed past. Now we'll have to wait a while to see if consumers reward the "new THQ" with sales.

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