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Gaming consoles lead in web-to-TV streaming

Majed Athab

In-Stat, a market analysis group, published a report this week which takes a look at how online video-to-television streaming is putting pressure on traditional cable providers and will eventually restructure "today's video distribution ecosystem." As noted by In-Stat, gaming consoles are at the forefront of this new direction, leading in web-based video streaming and beating other devices like digital media adapters, set top boxes (Apple TV), Blu-ray players, web-connected HDTVs and even PC media-centers.

Indeed, current gen consoles hold many advantages over the competition, seeing as they're relatively inexpensive and serve multiple purposes. The Xbox 360 has supported Netflix streaming since late last year, and both PS3 and Wii feature internet browsers (additionally, the PS3 allows for YouTube uploads on some software). In-Stat claims 29% of US console owners between the ages of 25 and 34 currently use their consoles to stream video to their televisions.

In-Stat expects consoles to stay as the top device for at least the next five years. As long as people know they can still stream pr0n on their consoles, we're sure it will.

[Via Gamespot]

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