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CTA's Bowling Ball for Wii comes with giant wrist strap, zero liability

Tim Stevens

Riiflex Wiimote weights sure look life-threatening, but they're not nearly dangerous enough. To give your Wii Sports nights that little extra bit of risk and intrigue, what you need is a (nearly) full-sized bowling ball. Appearing on what is perhaps the least functional website ever, CTA Digital is showing off an "authentic" bowling accessory, splitting open like Pac-Man to gobble up a controller, then closing up again to form what should be the perfect weapon for knocking down both bedposts -- and giving anyone standing nearby a concussion. There's no mention of how much the thing weighs, but we do know that it has what looks to be an industrial-strength wrist strap on there, and that thoroughly broken website contains not one but two statements indicating the company will not be held liable for what you do with the thing. You know what that means: game on!

[Via Switched]

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