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Samsung Mini S2 portable HDD graced with colors that perfectly match your tacky beach gear

Ross Miller

Sammy's done it again. The company, known to have a penchant for pink products, has unveiled two new eye-catching colors for its Mini S2 portable HDD series. Joining the already available Snow White are Ocean Blue and Sweet Pink, pictured -- and yep, if you look closely enough, that's a sea of hearts lining the case on the right. All other options appear to be the same as when Samsung first unveiled the 2.5-inch drive, with capacity options ranging from 160GB all the way up to 500GB, and it's current status is "coming soon" in Korea, with options to import likely to follow shortly after. Catering / pandering to the female audience? You betcha, and if this pic's not proof enough, hit up the break for an image that's decidedly more in line with the device's initial inspiration / concept art.

[Via Engadget Spanish]

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