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Kodak tries to make digiframes fun again with EasyShare S730

Darren Murph

We can't fault 'em for trying, but at the end of the day Kodak's EasyShare S730 is just another vanilla digital photo frame. Oh sure, it sports an updated Quick Touch border, a collage mode for displaying several shots at once, video and music support, a rechargeable battery for cord-free operation and 1GB of memory, but there's no WiFi, OLED or pixie dust to speak of. We will say, however, that the included Picture Finder feature -- which enables users to select a photo that pops up in order to find more from the same era -- is fairly nifty, but it's not spectacular enough in and of itself to justify the $139 price tag. If you disagree, you can pick one up in the US and Canada this September, while Europeans can snag one this month for €149.

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