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Rock Band Wiikly: NIN, Weezer, Dead Kennedys, more


Rock Band Wiikly's main attractions this week are the geeks who became chic and the manorexic musical visionary-turned-slice-of-beefcake. Weezer, Nine Inch Nails and many other bands are added in this week's update of 16 tracks to the Wii music store. Find the full list after the break.

Individual songs (200 Wii points apiece)

  • "One of THOSE Nights" -- The Cab
  • "Hands Down" -- Dashboard Confessional
  • "California Über Alles" -- Dead Kennedys
  • "Holiday in Cambodia" -- Dead Kennedys
  • "Police Truck" -- Dead Kennedys
  • "All Right Now" -- Free
  • "Burn" -- Nine Inch Nails
  • "Capital G" -- Nine Inch Nails
  • "Last" -- Nine Inch Nails
  • "They Say" -- Scars on Broadway
  • "This is it" -- Stained
  • "Electric Crown" -- Testament
  • "Yomp" -- thenewno2
  • "Dreamin'" -- Weezer
  • "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" -- Weezer
  • "Troublemaker" -- Weezer
All tracks are masters and will be downloadable tomorrow, June 23.

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