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Sony briefs devs on PlayStation Motion Controller


Sony sent out some details on the PlayStation Motion Controller to its developers, according to Kotaku, revealing some information about the device that we didn't know. We regret to inform you, however, that said information does not include a) the real name of the thing, or b) the real shape.

The device will include rumble motors for force feedback, and four of the wands can be tracked simultaneously by the PlayStation Eye camera. Motion-controlled games will also be able to take advantage of face tracking and head tracking. Sony is also investigating the possibility of combining wand and PS3 controller use, with the example of the wand as a sword and the DualShock 3 as a shield.

Wand-controlled games can also use the PlayStation Eye's microphone for voice recognition and voice control. However, all this wizardry comes at a cost: Sony told developers that the "motion-tracking library has some SPU overhead and has an impact on memory as well, although these will be minimized."

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