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New Tingle game and new Tingle 'game' revealed


The mysterious Tingle game that Nintendo's been teasing was revealed last night -- when it was released. Dekisugi Tingle Pack is a DSiWare download that is actually not a game, but a set of little tools and apps, all starring Link's "pal."

The included utilities are a fortune-telling program (hence the fortune teller on the website), a calculator, a little dancing Tingle image that dances in front of your photos, a timer, and a coin-flipping minigame.

But don't get upset about the secret Tingle project being a 500-point non-game and not a real game, because the latest issue of Famitsu reveals another Tingle DS game, this time more in the style of Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. The new game, called Irobuki Tingle no Ai no Balloon Trip (Color-changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love) features the green-suited adventurer searching for, yes, love. The teaser site offers a fake news report, a fake dating show, and some Flipnote Studio Tingle animations, all in celebration of this new game.

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[Dekisugi Tingle Pack screens via GAME Watch]

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