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No comment from Codemasters on Warner Bros. buyout rumors

William Dobson
Save recently reached out to Codemasters, publisher of the European version of Lord of the Rings Online and the upcoming Jumpgate Evolution, for their comment on a rumor that Warner Bros. may be getting ready to buy them out. The rumor was first seen at VG247 (warning: link contains colorful but entertaining language) and it claims that Warner has "completed due diligence and buyout discussions are ongoing". This prompted to seek clarification from Codemasters.

Their reply? "We won't respond to that story. Everything is fine here." Ok, so sometimes 'no comment' does just mean 'no comment', but it certainly doesn't close the book on the whole rumor situation with any conviction. Warner Bros. didn't return's calls (yet) so there's no confirmation to be had from them either. It looks like we might just have to wait and see if anything actually eventuates -- or for more insider leaks perhaps.

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