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ASUS' Eee PC Seashell 1101HA gets hands-on treatment ahead of European launch

Ross Miller

Make no mistake, ASUS knows it's onto something with the sleek new Eee PC seashell form factor. We've seen the 1101HA and its 3G-equipped fraternal twin 1101HGO before, and now Trusted Reviews has managed one more glimpse before the netbook goes on sale in Europe later this month. The biggest selling point for this over the other seashell models like 1008HA or 1005HA is gonna be the 11.6-inch screen, but beyond that, it looks like you're getting slightly gimped right shift key, but on the bright side, there's also a removable battery. As the site notes, this particular model happened to have the ASUS logo displayed on the back of the lid, which is in stark contrast to the typical Eee branding we see in its place. Still no word on an US release, but we're holding out hope it'll follow suit pretty quickly after the overseas launch.

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