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XBL Silver members: Play 1 vs 100 this weekend!

Here's how it works: Xbox Live Primetime's initial offering, 1 vs 100, will be free to Xbox Live Gold members (translation: the ones who lay down $50 a year for the service). We're still not sure how (or if!) free-but-limited Xbox Live Silver members will be able to play the title short of upgrading to Gold. Sure, we caught an errant "Buy Season Pass" option in the menus, so that could be one option. Also: how about free-to-play weekends?

Microsoft let us know that this weekend – from Friday June 26 (that's today!) to Sunday June 28 – Silver members "can enjoy the 1 vs 100 premium entertainment experience reserved exclusively for Gold members" for a limited time only. We're going to assume that most of you on Xbox Live are Gold members so consider this an opportunity to get some gaming in with those Silver members taking up space in your friend's list. Not a Gold member? Give 1 vs 100 a shot and see if it's an effective gateway drug.

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