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Patch 3.2: Argent Coliseum 5-man story and encounters (SPOILERS)

Michael Sacco

Okay, gonna say this right now.

This article is so full of spoilers you'll think you're in a movie with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. The Argent Coliseum will be so spoiled that its parents bought it a car before it could drive. There will be less mystery to the Argent Coliseum than in M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village."

There. So. Thanks to Boubouille of MMO-Champion's help, I've spent the past few days digging through the spell and NPC data in patch 3.2's current PTR game files, slogging through thousands of new entries to find out how exactly the new encounters in the Argent Coliseum will be like (and who they'll be!). Well, I've been mostly successful in that regard, and I'm prepared to spoil about 90% of the Coliseum's encounters for you. But that's not all! This latest PTR patch was also kind enough to provide me with a ton of sound files related to the Coliseum and its set of instances, which has given me a very firm insight into what happens around the encounters. This particular article will focus on the 5-man instance.

Basic caveats apply: The encounters could change at any time, datamining isn't an exact science, I could be misinterpreting files, etc, etc. But I'm pretty solid on what I've written down, and anything I'm speculating on will be noted as such.

Any spell or ability listed in this guide will likely be a random rank, given the spell database's knack for throwing me 10-man and 25-man spells in the same area! Don't assume that the damage values are accurate for your favored raid size!

Remember, BIG SPOILERS AFTER THE JUMP. But if you can't contain yourself, then go right ahead, dear readers. Let's go down the rabbit hole.


Trial of the Champion is the new 5-man normal and heroic dungeon coming with 3.2. Below is the transcript for the scripted event that occurs before your entrance. Each side has a different intro. I've transcribed both below.


(Warchief Thrall and Overlord Garrosh are walking to meet Tirion Fordring outside the Coliseum.)

Thrall: Garrosh, I expect you to control yourself here. I do not want a repeat of the Violet Citadel.
Garrosh: Pah! That was a show of strength worthy of a leader. I only regret I did not kill the human before the mage interfered.
Thrall: We are guests here, Garrosh, and you will conduct yourself honorably.
Garrosh: What honor is there in thrashing about with blunted sticks? This is a waste of time.

(They approach Tirion.)

Tirion: Welcome, Warchief Thrall...Overlord Hellscream.
Thrall: Thank you for the invitation, Lord Fordring. We look forward to observing these games.
Garrosh: Speak for yourself, Thrall!
Tirion: I hope you'll see the merit of these events in time, Garrosh. We cannot win against the Scourge if we continue to war against another.
Thrall: Wise words.
Garrosh: Words of a fool, you mean! The Horde will destroy the undead without your aid, human, or that you of your pompous king.
Tirion: Under my roof, I trust you will behave, gentlemen.
Thrall: Of course, Tirion. I apologize for his outburst. It will not happen again.
Garrosh: *grunt*
Tirion: Very well. If you'll follow me, then...


(King Varian Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore approach Tirion at the Coliseum's gates.)

Varian: Tirion.
Tirion: King Varian! Lady Jaina. Welcome to the tournament. Your place in the Coliseum is waiting.
Jaina: Thank you. It's the least I can do to support this. We need to stand together.
Varian: You ask much of me, Tirion, to sit and watch -- trusting the savages to keep themselves in check.
Jaina: I'm sure Thrall will keep his men under control.
Tirion: My people are here to ensure that they honor the rules of engagement. It will do your subjects well to see you in the stands.
Varian: Perhaps. I doubt the effectiveness of this gambit. We'd be better served preparing our armies for the final assault. But if my presence is required at these games to gain your support in the battle, then I will remain...for now.

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