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Square Enix reveals European Dissidia collector's edition

Jem Alexander

Sure, Europe still has some slight delay when getting Square Enix PSP titles, when compared to the US, but at least when they arrive, they come with extra goodies. Crisis Core had a bonus art book and now Dissidia will be getting the collector's edition treatment.

This special edition will include a regular boxed copy of the game inside clamshell packaging, as shown in the image to the right. Also in the box will be a "Best Selection Soundtrack Mini-CD," with specially chosen tracks from the game and liner notes by the composer.

There will also be a 48-page hardback artbook, similar to the Crisis Core one, and a Brady Games Official Miniguide and two lithograph prints. Not a bad package, overall, but we're still waiting for the announcement of the European release of the limited edition Dissidia PSP-3000. It is coming, right Square Enix?

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