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Motorola MING A1890 "Greatwall" approved, Bluetooth SIG-style

Chris Ziegler

It looks like most of the juicy details have been pulled, but thanks to the Bluetooth SIG, mobile-review seems to have gotten the inside line on Motorola's latest spec bump for its MING series, the A1890 (codenamed "Greatwall," though we're guessing this won't stick through to production -- many of Moto's handsets are listed by their codenames in the SIG's database). The model -- which, like its predecessors, will likely be confined to Asian retail -- apparently had both GSM and CDMA / EV-DO listed in its brief specs, suggesting it might be a good fit for China Telecom's 3G network with a little roaming capability thrown in for good measure. The screen's apparently still QVGA, but it's got a 3 megapixel camera with business card recognition (a feature that carries over from existing models), GPS (another carry-over), and a built-in PDF reader -- and actually, now that we're reading over it, our enthusiasm has been thoroughly tempered. How about 5 megapixels, WVGA, Android, and global availability, Moto?

[Via mobile-review]

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