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One Shots: Do the wings make it better?

It seems like no matter where we turn, the buzz lately has been on Aion. A goodly chunk of the Massively staff has been sucked into the beta and they're reporting interesting things. Others we talk to aren't so thrilled, but are reserving judgment until they see something closer to release. Even our normal Darkfall contributor and fellow MMO blogger, Paragus, decided to send in a screenshot for us with his thoughts since he's a member of the press and not under NDA. He writes: After playing the Aion Beta Weekend, I find myself marveling at how stunning some of the graphics and character models are. In some games scenes like this are hard to come by, but they seem to be the norm in Aion. We'll have to see if everyone is as thrilled as launch gets closer.

Remember, if you're in a beta - make sure you're not breaking NDA when you're sending in One Shots! Otherwise, they'll likely sit there for quite some time before I'm able to post them. If you've got non-NDA breaking screens to show off, email those to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a brief description. We'll post those up and let the world know it's all due to you.

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