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New MechWarrior teased by IGN site [update]


With the subtlety of a grand piano falling down the stairs, IGN's Voodoo Extreme is teasing that a new MechWarrior title will be announced shortly. Allegedly in development by Piranha Games, it would be the first "official" MechWarrior game in nearly a decade. The site teases that Piranha may have a full trailer up later this week.

The last time MechWarrior popped up on radar was when the property was licensed to Jordan Weisman after the dissolution of FASA. If Piranha is actually developing a true Mechwarrior sequel, it would appear to be the studio's first mega solo project. We're currently attempting to get in touch with Piranha Games for more details.

Update: A representative for Piranha replied to our inquiry, "We can't share any details right now, but will get in touch with you as soon as we are able." "Can't" ... or won't? Weird. Still following up.

[Via ShackNews]

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