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Jack Thompson faces federal disbarment


Joystiq readers will likely recall that one John Bruce Thompson -- "Jack" to his friends -- was disbarred last year from practicing law in the state of Florida. However, it seems Thompson has maintained that he's still allowed to practice law within the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, which is a federal court.

Enter Judge Federico Moreno, who has issued an order to Thompson, asking him to explain why he should not also be barred from the District Court. The order asks that Thompson submit his defense, along with copies of all documents related to his previous disbarment, within 30 days (the order was issued on June 26).

Thompson, reports GamePolitics, is not pleased, and has since sent Moreno an email "request/demand," asking that the judge provide copies of all communications between Moreno and the Florida Bar concerning himself. Once again, it looks like Thompson's legal career is on shaky footing. Still, we doubt another disbarment will put a stop to Thompson's anti-gaming efforts. The first one certainly didn't.

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