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Rob Thomas knows digital marketing, wants in on Rock Band

Matchbox Twenty front man Rob Thomas, currently promoting his second solo album, told The Cut Scene Blog that he "obviously" wants his music in Rock Band; however, he hasn't been asked. While Thomas admits he isn't much of a gamer, he does have an 11-year-old son who enjoys rocking out to MTV and Harmonix's latest music title.

"There's something great about watching [my son] playing a Pixies song with me on Rock Band," he said. Thomas added, while Rock Band showcases the familiar world of music to children, the game has the ability to expose younger audiences to a wide "assortment of music." According to Thomas (above, center) -- who has become known for using new technology to promote his work -- he would welcome the opportunity to make the jump into his son's game of choice. We always welcome new music into our music games, but Thomas needs to wait his turn. We're still waiting for Ghostbusters, for crying out loud.

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