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Samsung NC10 being offered by UK carriers, Vodafone's pricing surprisingly good

Vlad Savov

Laptops bundled with mobile telephony contracts rarely arouse our penny-pinching passions, but UK carriers are getting pretty aggressive with pricing for the Samsung NC10. Vodafone takes the lead by offering the extraordinarily well-reviewed netbook for free with a £25 ($40) monthly tariff over two years, which makes for a total contract cost of £600 ($972), or just over twice the retail price of the device -- that, dear friends, is a good deal. Packages from the other carriers are similarly stonking, coalescing around the £30 ($48) per month mark, with Three standing out by asking for only an 18-month commitment. We'd prefer even shorter contracts, but can't quibble too much with the value on offer.

Read - O2 (£29.38/month for 24 months, 3GB limit)
Read - Three (£30/month for 18 months, 5GB limit)
Read - T-Mobile (£30/month for 24 months, 5GB limit)
Read - Vodafone (£25/month for 24 months, 1GB limit)

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