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Skyfire for BlackBerry reaches private beta, BlackBerry browsing a little closer to not sucking (updated: nope, still alpha)

Chris Ziegler

Still no word on when we might get our hands on a public release, but for now, MobileBurn reports that the invite-only users of Skyfire's browser for BlackBerry have been upgraded from alpha to beta builds. Web browsing has historically been a gravely weak spot in RIM's arsenal, so Skyfire's development for the platform is being met with considerable interest -- especially in light of how well-received its builds on Windows Mobile (pictured) and Symbian have been. Anyhow, the beta bump puts us one step closer to corporate browsing nirvana, but there's still no word on exactly when the unleashing might happen.

Update: We've just been tossed an update from a Skyfire spokesperson who has told us that this is actually just another alpha build we're talking about -- not a true beta. Unfortunately, we're thinking that means we're even further out from broad availability.

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