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Slim shot: Suspect PS3 redesign captured in Philippines


Did you hear about the PS3 Slim that fell off the back of the assembly line in Taiwan? Well, actually, the box took the fall, and then the console worked its way free of its cardboard confines, limped out the backdoor unseen, swam a short 700 miles or so south to the Philippines, toweled off, enjoyed a few bottles of lambanog, and promptly passed out under the stall of a electronics vendor. Phew! Guess it was the peddler's lucky day, eh? Unfortunately, our salesman was unable to hustle this miraculous merchandise into the hands of a wary shopper; who did, however, walk away with a brilliantly befuddled cell phone video of the rarity (posted after the break).

Of course, there's an alternate version of the story, too, as an alleged translation of the vendor's pitch puts it: "You won't see this [PS3 Slim] elsewhere because it's still new -- we just got it in. It's not yet available in other countries." The end.

We asked Sony to take a look, and according to a representative, it was the first time she'd seen the video, and then, predictably, she issued the standard company line: "We don't comment on rumor and speculation." So, it's your call. But let us at least advise you against booking a ticket to the Philippines and heading straight for the black market. For anything.

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