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Video: New Palm Pre ad takes serene approach, just goes with the flow

Ross Miller

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When we last saw this fair-faced Pre spokesperson, she was sitting on a rock in an otherwise open field playing choreographer to a sea of robed individuals encircling her. This latest ad takes a decidedly simpler approach reminiscent of the vibe set in the Meet the Pre series, though we can't say for sure her if her followers aren't just waiting off-camera for the next directive. Also, interesting choice of onomatopoeia for sliding through the webOS cards, we imagine there's a certain, Redmond-based company out there delighted by the subtle (and probably unintentional) reference. See the ad for yourself after the break -- and in case you're wondering, that song that'll be stuck in your head all day is "Doot Doot" by Freur.

[Via Pre Central]

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