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Disney games boss: You can't get by on just 'good' IP today


Disney Interactive's executive VP and general manager, Graham Hopper, believes that companies can't get by on just a "good" IP in this economic climate and that there needs to be substance in a game -- we're sure the "new THQ" agrees. Hopper tells MCV that he's "excited" about Split/Second, the new racer from Black Rock Studio, which is the development house behind the critically acclaimed Pure. And if that's the case, we're certain he's "super duper" excited about whatever top secret project gaming legend Warren Spector and his Junction Point Studios – which Disney acquired over two years ago now – are working on.

Hopefully Disney Interactive's fortunes turn around with this initiative; the company certainly needs the revenue. There's also plenty of good executive hires available for the company to come up with something new, if this latest strategy doesn't work out.

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