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Facebook spawns more Duke Nukem Forever screens


A new development in the never-ending saga that is Duke Nukem Forever -- or, as we like to call it, Duke Nukem The Ever ... Living! -- has now revealed itself on Facebook. Specifically, Duke Nukem's Facebook page -- we totally friended him -- has been posting screenshots that appear to be from the ill-fated Duke Nukem Forever. As Big Download notes, the shots focus on one giant boss monster stalking what looks like Hoover Dam. We also get a nice render of one of the series floating squid-monster-things and another cybernetic monstrosity.

For its part, 3D Realms claims that work on Duke Nukem Forever continues, despite the ongoing legal battle surrounding it. For our part, we can only marvel that we're now seeing more of Duke Nukem Forever after its death than we ever saw during its development.

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