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Leaked Samsung YP-M1 shows a more colorful spin on its DAP lineup

Ross Miller

We can't say we've ever been too excited by Samsung's Yepp series -- not that it's bad, just nothing particularly worth writing home about. If this pic is any indication of what's to come, however, we are suddenly a bit more interested. The story starts in late June, where an Anything but iPod forum member found a Bluetooth SIG for a then unknown "Samsung MP3 Player" with a 3.3-inch widescreen display and the name YP-M1. Then, just a few days ago on the same thread, a newcomer posts the above picture, presumably being the M1 itself. From what we can glean, it'll be a touch screen with a built-in mic (for the voice recorder) and support for flash. That's not a lot to go by, frankly, but it's hard to see where Sammy's P series would fit with this on the horizon.

[Thanks, Yuki]

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