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Showa Aircraft shows off contactless charging system, world backs on up a little


We've been hearing about true contactless charging systems for some time now (as opposed to simple wireless chargers like the Pre Touchstone), but it looks like Japan's Showa Aircraft is among the first to actually show off the real deal in action. Like some of those other proposed systems, Showa's rig uses an electromagnetic induction method, which lets it charge or power devices up to one meter apart, although it apparently works best at distances less than 60 centimeters, where it's able to reach a 90% transmission efficiency. Now, all that energy floating through the air can understandably raise a few eyebrows, but Showa assures us that it is completely safe, and they've demonstrated as much placing a frying pan between the two massive coils, which apparently did not heat up.

[Via SlashGear]

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