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Breaking News: Sony Online Entertainment lays off 41 full-time workers


In a statement to Massively today, Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that they are laying off 41 full-time workers, equaling 5% of their full-time workforce.

The company's statement provided a wish to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs as the main motivator behind this sudden and unexpected set of layoffs. The positions of those affected by the layoff is currently unknown.

SOE will not be providing any interviews or further comment on the matter. Our best and warmest wishes go out to those who have been affected by the layoffs and their families.

SOE's full statement to Massively can be found after the jump.

"In a move to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, Sony Online Entertainment has eliminated 5% of its full-time workforce, equaling 41 people. SOE looks forward to continuing its leadership role in the online games industry as it celebrates the highly successful launch of Free Realms, the 10-year commemoration of its ground-breaking EverQuest franchise, and the continued performance of the company's other games."

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