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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet should be called OMG WANT


Guys, there's a sweet trailer for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet making the rounds and if you haven't seen it, consider this post an invaluable service. You have to watch it, and we've made sure to tuck it past the break for that purpose. What? No more reading. Go watch it. Now!


Okay, now that you've witnessed its glory, it's only natural to feel a need to fork over some cash. As it turns out, that's exactly what Shadow Planet Productions needs right now, but before you go grabbing that hammer and giving your piggy bank the evil eye, Shadow Planet Productions probably needs more than the $15 you have in there. Good thing Joystiq's biggest demographic is CEOs for investment companies!

We've put in some questions to the minds behind this game, and will be sure to post them up as soon as we hear back. While you wait, may we suggest you watch the trailer again?

[Thanks, Tiago!]

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