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Three guards suspended for nearly blowing up planet with PSP

There's an appropriate time and place for portable gaming. Stuck in a dentist's waiting room? Of course. In the back seat during a lengthy road trip? Go right ahead. Waiting for the movie to start? Acceptable! Working as a security guard stationed in the heart of one of the nation's oldest high-security nuclear weapons plants? No, sir. A thousand times no.

A report from a Knoxville news station turned our eyes to the plight of three security guards who were recently suspended without pay from the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge, TN. Their misconduct? They brought gaming devices "with transmitting capability" (the original article specifically mentions the PSP) into the plant's "protected zone," where cell phones aren't even allowed, because THAT'S WHERE THEY MAKE NUCLEAR WEAPONS. We sure hope those brief rounds of Lumines were worth risking nuclear holocaust, you jerks.

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