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WoW Insider Show live tomorrow at a special time

Mike Schramm

It's going to be an interesting WoW Insider Show tomorrow. We've tweaked the show time just a bit (and just this once -- we'll be back to our usual time next week), and everything will kick off tomorrow at noon Eastern time (or July 18, 2009 12:00 PM EDT) over on our Ustream page, or listen in on the embedded link below. And the stories we'll talk about are a little different than usual as well: 3.2 is in the air, even if it isn't quite out yet, so we'll talk about how to make money with the new patch, what kind of lore speculation we've seen for the upcoming expansion (as well as what might happen with the current battle), and whether or not WoW is still priority number one in the halls of Blizzard. And oh yes, we have to talk about that new app I've just installed on my iPhone, and what it means for Blizzard's involvement with the platform.

Plus, we'll have our good friends Lesley Smith and Eddie "Brigwyn" Carrington on board with Turpster and I to chat with you live, answer your emails, and have as good a time as we always do. We'll see you tomorrow: remember, it's three hours earlier than usual, at noon Eastern time, so if you show up later in the day, that's why we're not there. And as you've probably noticed, we're getting alarmingly close to show number 100 (last week was 98, and this one is 99), so we'll probably have to chat this week about what kinds of special things we'll do next week. Giveaways? Video? Stay tuned to find out.

Again, for good measure, the show starts at noon eastern tomorrow, not the normal time.

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