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Still time to enter the Xfire Age of Conan video contest

Like brutality, blood, buxom babes, or bizarre stunts? How about free stuff? Now what if we told you that your deft skill with creating and recording the first in Age of Conan could get you the second? Thought that might get your interest. It turns out our friends over at Xfire are currently holding a video capture contest that offers some really excellent prizes for the players who are able to catch video of some serious Age of Conan fun! The three categories are "Best PvP", "best death (or near-death)" and "misc" which could be any crazy thing you can come up with. (Another video like the horse punting people off bridges perhaps?)

While the contest started earlier this week, there's still lots of time to get an entry in and take a shot at winning some of the excellent prizes up for grabs, like the 120gb solid-state drive, the 6gig triple-channel RAM, and even lifetime subscriptions for Age of Conan! If you don't have video capture equipment, have no fear - apparently that's in the Xfire client. So if this sounds like something you'd like to take a shot at, why not head on over to the Xfire contest site and check out all the details. We're looking forward to seeing all the crazy videos people capture.

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