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Google artist sneaks Triforce into logo, Google removes it [update]


Well that was quick! just as soon as the Internet caught The Legend of Zelda's Triforce in a handful of Google homepage logo designs, Google has altered said images, removing the easter egg. It appears as though the images were created for Google by artist Susie Sahim -- a woman whose personal blog contains a picture of her dressed up as LoZ's Link, might we add ... which is awesome.

We've contacted both Ms. Sahim and Google for comment, but, well, it's Sunday. Sunday evening. People gotta rest sometimes. With any luck, we'll have any update for you early this week. For now, peep all the original images over on Blogoscoped.

Update: Google got back to us about the existence, and subsequent disappearance, of the symbols, saying, "Our doodles aim to celebrate interesting events and anniversaries around the world that reflect Google's playful personality and love of innovation. As for our Triforce Easter egg, we're glad people discovered it and enjoyed it before it vanished back into the Zeldasphere. We appreciate people around the world looking into our artwork so closely!" Now, just to find that Zeldasphere ...

[Thanks, Matt M.!]

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