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ASUS Eee PC T101 tablet reportedly facing uncertain future


Last we had heard, ASUS' Eee PC T101 tablet (or T101H) still had a place on ASUS' massive Eee PC roadmap, and was on track for a late August / early September release after being pushed back from its original June launch date. According to DigiTimes, however, the device's future now looks to be even more uncertain, with it supposedly set for release this September "at the earliest." Some unspecified "industry sources" further go on to say that the T101 (and other future ASUS netbook tablets) could either be pushed back further or scaled back on shipments if the company's current Eee PC T91 doesn't meet expectations, or possibly even canceled altogether.

[Via Electronista]

Update: Looks like the T101 and T101H are one in the same. Sorry for any confusion. Post has been corrected to reflect this.

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