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Motorola A45 Murano: a QA1 minus the 3G?

Chris Ziegler

What would you get if you took Motorola's QA1 Karma, gutted it of 3G, and dialed up the boxy factor a notch or three? We think you'd end up with something a lot like this, a phone alleged to be the A45 "Murano." The A series is still a rarity in Moto's lineup so we don't have a ton of hardware to compare it with, but one member of the series is Verizon's Rival -- and you can definitely see a little familial resemblance there. Looks like it'll have a 2 megapixel camera, but otherwise, this sucker's a mystery; Motorola's been making moves in Brazil lately, though, so we could definitely buy that this'll end up popping in South America before we see it stateside.

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