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Broken Xbox 360? Turn it into an alarm clock


There are a number of things you can do if your Xbox 360 decides to die. Sure, if it's under warranty, you can just send it off to Microsoft to have it patched up. But what if it isn't? You could cry, of course, but why waste your tears on a faulty console when you can find a way to put it to good use again?

Such was the mentality of one Stephen Raney, who decided to turn his Xbox 360 into an alarm clock instead of forking over 200 smackers for a repair. Using a speaker, a TV monitor and some technical know-how, Raney has rigged his console to wake him up to every Xbox gamer's favorite sound, the sound of Achievements unlocking -- you know, "bleep bloop." At least, it might be your favorite sound when you hear it once. Hearing it looped over an over again is actually pretty annoying.

But hey, that's what alarm clocks are supposed to do, right? Check out the Achievement alarm clock after the break.

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