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Sam Raimi to direct WoW movie


Ain't It Cool News has uncovered one helluva juicy tidbit; one that has more or less came out of nowhere.

Sam Raimi is set to direct the World of Warcraft movie.

This news is coming out right before the San Diego ComicCon, which begins this week. According to Ain't It Cool News, the story should be hitting the trades later this week or next (Trades are daily papers in Hollywood about the latest goings on, more business than gossip news).

Raimi is best known for directing all the recent Spiderman works and cult horror films. This likely means that a movie announcement is not far off – perhaps BlizzCon?

You can also check out what to expect from a World of Warcraft movie.

Edit: Schramm here. Adam wrote a great post, but he forgot the best three words of this news: Bruce Campbell cameo. There better be one.

Update: Blizzard has since confirmed this news with a press release, made very late in the evening Tuesday PDT. A couple hours after this story was posted...huh.

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